Three Communication Mistakes to Avoid for a Peaceful Family Thanksgiving

As we prepare to get together with friends and family to celebrate Thanksgiving, feelings of anxiety and fear is normal. Being with family is not always a peaceful happy time for some.  

It may mean having to sit with someone who you would rather not be with;

Fear of criticism, judgement, and lack of acceptance starts to kick in.  

Maybe, you are going to be with someone whom you have a fractured relationship with and you are trying to heal it;

Fear of another family argument can cause increased anxiety and even depression.

Maybe you are confused as to why a family member or friend always ends up getting angry at something you said, and you feel like you are walking on eggshells every time you see them;

Fear of being blamed for “someone else’s problems” creeps up.

To help you reduce the risk of a painful and stressful family get-together, here are three communication mistakes to avoid: Read more