Is AARM Right For You?

Are You…

  • Fearful about finding and/or losing love?
  • Unable to fully grasp your emotions?
  • Lacking a sense of belonging?

Do You…

  • Suffer from feelings of loneliness and/or emptiness?
  • Feel incapable of being loved?
  • Struggle with emotional intimacy?
  • Withdrawal from connections?
  • Have difficulty developing and maintaining significant relationships?
  • Struggle expressing affection?
  • Resist giving and receiving love, despite craving it?
  • Struggle with fear?
  • Need to be in control of everything/everyone?


  • Trust and emotional attachment scare you?

Would You like To…

  • Learn to build healthier relationships and long-lasting connections?
  • Overcome fear?
  • Heal pain from past trauma?
  • Build resiliency?
  • Strengthen your inner-self and sense of well being?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, then Adult Attachment Repair Model (AARM) may be right for you.

We learn how to attach as adults from what we experienced during our childhood. When we as children experience a negative attachment, neglectful attachment, or complete disconnect from our primary care-giver (even if it was unintentional and no fault of the care-giver) we miss out on a fundamental key ingredient for overall well being. Unhealthy attachments not only negatively impact our ability to develop healthy adult relationships, it also reduces our ability to handle life challenges, both small and large, including trauma. AARM is a comprehensive therapeutic approach for the treatment of trauma comprised from a variety of evidence-based treatments. Through the use of AARM we are able to repair negative emotions by the resetting of the autonomic nervous system based on the understanding of our internal information processing. As the adult attachment is repaired, the pain from negative and/or neglectful attachments diminish, and our inner strength is increased allowing us to experience the fullness of living. 

For more information about AARM, please call me 619-272-6858 ext 713.


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